Why I’m Here

I'm Mike Casey. I was born, raised, and educated right here in VA. I'm an engineer (in more than just title), currently working for CHAP, a small health services non-profit.

Well, to be honest, I'm making this effort largely as a result of frustration and distress in the face of a brewing "us vs them" mentality that I see more and more every day, driven by hyper-partisanship, and driving division. Prioritizing party over country and power over governance is one thing when it stays in Richmond (or DC). It's another thing entirely when it permeates the national consciousness and begins dividing communities.



If you have any issues we can work on together, ideas,
would like to help out, or just want to say hi, here’s the
place to do it!


One of the major points of my campaign is improving our transportation network. I believe that we need to stop investing in solutions that are outdated by the time they are complete. I believe that we... [ Read more ]

Climate Change

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Election Reform

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Universal Health Care

One of the major points of my campaign is improving our healthcare. I believe that we need a healthcare system that guarantees a basic level of care for all people. This includes, but isn’t limited ... [ Read more ]