Climate Change

I believe that climate change is one of the most important issues of our time – if left unchecked, our future on this planet could become uncertain. As recognized by climate change scientists and ev...[ Read more ]


One of the major points of my campaign is improving our transportation network. I believe that we need to stop investing in solutions that are outdated by the time they are complete. I believe that we...[ Read more ]

Election Reform

Our political process favors the will of the parties over the will of the people, it favors the interests of the well-connected over the interests of the majority, and it favors opposition over politi...[ Read more ]

Universal Health Care

One of the major points of my campaign is improving our healthcare. I believe that we need a healthcare system that guarantees a basic level of care for all people. This includes, but isn’t limited ...[ Read more ]


Over the past few centuries, people from across the world have dared to venture into the land of the free for various reasons. Some arrived here seeking opportunity, some seeking freedom, some seeking...[ Read more ]