Climate Change

I believe that climate change is one of the most important issues of our time – if left unchecked, our future on this planet could become uncertain. As recognized by climate change scientists and even the US Military, we are faced with a clear and present danger in climate change.

This is directly applicable here in Virginia – being a coastal state, we’re susceptible to nearly $92 billion worth of residential property damage due to climate related weather shifts. On top of that, nearly half of our counties, including Falls Church, are at risk of water shortages by 2050.

I propose that we accelerate the shift towards renewable energy that we began in 2008, when we reduced our state energy dependence on coal from 44% to 20% over four years. However, instead of migrating to natural gas (all but 2% of that shift went to natural gas), I propose that we move to 100% renewable or nuclear energy by 2030 – in so doing, we will both create new jobs and become the example for other states to follow when it comes to energy policy.