Over the past few centuries, people from across the world have dared to venture into the land of the free for various reasons. Some arrived here seeking opportunity, some seeking freedom, some seeking peace, and others simply did not have a choice. Unfortunately, the issue of who is allowed into the nation and who isn’t does not fall within the reach of the Virginia government.

Nevertheless, Virginia’s options are not limited. Virginia, being one of the oldest colonies of the nation, has embraced the arrival of people from the Old World. This ancestral tradition has produced a rich and strong society, flourished by various cultures of different parts of the globe. The current immigration issues that have plagued the news media across the nation have tarnished the value of these newcomers. The United States’ prosperity has attracted millions of people from all over the world, who have something in common: to work and gain their fair share of success for themselves and their families. This norm has not changed in centuries, and will not change anytime soon.

It is important that we, as Virginians, consider immigrants as our fellow neighbors, and help them to enjoy the privileges of the American Way of Life. Those who voyaged from afar in search of a better life are as much American as those whose ancestors arrived here many generations ago.