One of the major points of my campaign is improving our transportation network. I believe that we need to stop investing in solutions that are outdated by the time they are complete. I believe that we need to acknowledge that our population is growing faster than our road infrastructure, and that a different solution is needed.

I propose that we change the conversation away from continuously expanding our roads, and focus on how to best expand our public transit system to serve us and our children for generations to come.

I am also vehemently opposed to public private partnerships in transportation, because they’re a bad deal for the public. There are many levels on which they hurt us:

  • We pay for (usually) half the project, but companies get to reap the benefits for inordinately long amounts of time
  • The companies get to write off the interest on the loans they take on to do the project. This means that the federal government is subsidizing the private part of the project in a roundabout way, meaning taxpayers end up paying even more.
  • If the company goes out of business or declares bankruptcy, the public is left to deal with the project – regardless of the shape that it’s in.